Total Plant Tying Machine - THTPTM1251

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Item Name: Total Plant Tying Machine - THTPTM1251

  • Size:12.5”
  • Apply for tape size:W11mm*L25~30M
  • Apply for staple size:C7mm*L4mm*W0.55mm
  • One hand operation
  • The opening of the tape circle can be adjusted
  • Applicable to all kinds of branches, vines crop such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, eggplant
  • With 1pcs W11mm*L25m Stretch Garden Tie Tape
  • With 200pcs C7mm*L4mm*W0.55mm staples
  • With 1 set extra spare part include:1pcs blade,1pcs spring,1pcs screw ,1pcs nut
  • Packed by color box

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